International Conference



A Science for Nutrition, Health and Wellnessá in the Post-Genomic Era

In this section you can find the conference slides, made available by the invited speakers,

who have agreed to share their presentation

with interested parties:

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CÚcile Berri

Maura Cardarelli

Ian Colquhoun

Emma De Fabiani

S°ren Engelsen

Lynnette R. Ferguson

Chad Finn

Kevin Folta

Ian Givens

Esther Kok

Paul Kroon

Margit Laimer

Claudio Luchinat

Claudio Nicoletti

Derek Stewart

Adrie J. Verhoeven





If you are interested in the abstract book, send your request to the secretariat and you will be provided with the hyperlink to the downloadable PDF document.


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To: foodomics(at)

Subject: Abstract Book Request

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